Debian Java Packaging Project


What is the Debian Java Packaging Project?

This project was created to co-maintain Debian packages of Java software. Everyone is invited to participate; see the information for developers for details.

There are two kinds of packages in this project:

  1. Packages with "Maintainer: Debian Java maintainers <pkg-java-maintainers@lists.alioth...>" are "public packages": All members of the pkg-java project are allowed to modify and upload the package without asking first.
  2. Packages with an individual maintainer: Please ask the maintainer before changing the package or adding yourself to Uploaders: first.

The goal is to make all base and library package public so that you can change them easily e.g. when your application needs an updated version. You don't have to file a bug report in this case and wait for the maintainer to upload a new version, you can simply upload the fixed package yourself. This will hopefully speed up the integration of Java packages in Debian since most maintainers work in "bursts" and are unable to spend time for Debian from time to time.

Documentation for packaging Java software

The main source of our documentation is the Debian wiki, in particular the page on how to package Java software for Debian.